Hello my dears!

If you must know something about myself: the most beautiful part about photography is being able to start a conversation that people can join in and feel connected. In life, these shared experiences, stories and visual memories choose to stay with us forever. 

For myself, there’s nothing better than being able to tell your beautiful story without saying a single word. It’s better when the photographs do the talking.

Now, down to all the ‘real’ stuff: I am a Cleveland native. I was raised in the most Polish proud suburb in the area. I received my BA in Communication Arts and Graphic Design with a minor in Photography from the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. During my last year of undergrad, I realized just how much I needed more photo wonderfulness in my life, which led me to attend the Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for my MFA in Photography.  I also learned my love for teaching as I taught black and white film and digital classes.

Now, for the sappy part: I came back home to Cleveland to be with my family and this cute fiancé of mine. Long story short – we got married and now, I live with my Italian husband and my goofy welsh terrier. 

In conjunction with my freelance work, I teach Photography and Graphic Design classes at a private college in the Cleveland area. I'm also an educator downtown at the Cleveland Print Room. I teach professional photography workshops about current trends in the ever-changing photo world and offer more insight into analog and digital processes.

Useless fun facts: I have a killer collection of vintage cameras that I distract myself with on a daily basis. I enjoy positive vibes and energy. And editing photos in my yoga pants all day long. Coffee makes me awesome. I may be stretching the truth on that last one.

So, if you find yourself feeling connected to the inspiration and photographs in my collection of work, I think we should have a chat – don’t you agree? We could get coffee. Or ice cream. Or even adult beverages. We can talk about beautiful photography times to be shared and had in the glorious future to come.

I look forward to it.